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Since 2013, The Class by Taryn Toomey has traveled around the city bending, twisting, reshaping bodies, and expanding New Yorkers’ minds through a magical, almost unexplainable cathartic workout. And now, Taryn Toomey’s legendary mind-body fitness experience has its first home studio in Tribeca. 

Toomey’s method clears and renews, opening the doors to endless potential. 
Her highly vibrational new studio incarnates this clearing and brings to life the fragments we each
nurture to create our gorgeous wholes. Like its workout, the studio is home to many rooms of being:
an intimate fitness studio, an elegant wellness nook, a whimsical boutique, a dream hideaway.



Visually stunning, from gorgeous marble slabs and flickering candles to awe-striking crystals (everywhere!) and pink-gray finishes, The Class’ new space embodies energy balance
and the ultimate prana of home, our home. 

Brought to being by architect Michael Costantin (Conklin Costantin Architects LLP) and builder John Beyer (Bowman Construction), and co-created with The Cristalline, a collaboration between interior designer Elizabeth Kohn of Elizabeth Kohn Design & Interior Designer and Crystal Healer Rashia Bell, the crystal wonderland is pure vision, inspired by Toomey’s love of entrancing rocks and her own line of jewelry (The Airelume), also featured in the space.

The crystal-lined floors clear the energy and renew balance and confidence. Alchemy of mind, alchemy of body. Each of the studio’s picture-worthy lines and angles is mindfully adorned with deeply healing clear quartz light fixtures (Kelly Wearstler) & museum-like metal lighting (Christopher Boots), and color wheel gems to manifest positive thinking. Even the floor cleanses and grounds with tourmaline and hematite.



Earthy art and photography have been curated by Trove Art. Everything seen is felt. And everything felt is heard.

Soundproof and recording studio quality, the power of the music transforms and transports with expert sound and acoustics by John Toomey of JMT Media Group and Ken Andria of LSTN Consultants. 

Our guests enjoy CHANEL and ONDA Beauty approved products before and after classes in our serene bathrooms.


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