A B O U T   M A L L O R Y

Having been born and raised in Northern California, Mallory originally moved to NYC to pursue fashion, working in PR and styling. Since dabbling in dance growing up, she was drawn to barre to regain strength after a back injury. Her love grew to explore the teaching side of the methodology, thus beginning her shift away from fashion and into movement. 

Mallory had admired The Class from afar for  some time. She felt inspired by the community of love and support. Upon taking her first class, not only did it feel incredible to connect to the beat in such an intuitive way, she felt feelings and ideas awaken in herself that had been dormant for years. After the loss of her father, Mallory found deep healing for her grief through The Class. She witnessed how movement can help to process and heal when there are no words. And that through it all, we have the beautiful ability to pick ourselves up and get to know ourselves on a new level. She feels passionate about empowering others with this and reminding them of all that they already have. She graduated from the  Teacher Training Program in the spring of 2018. 

Mallory had always felt a connection to music. Growing up with her uncles and cousins always playing guitar, she learned early on about the emotionality music evokes. Her playlists always have something for everyone. 

Mallory’s classes revolutionize the relationship with self. Her Classes are dynamic and passionate. Through her vast knowledge of music and contagious energy, she invites students to step out of everyday cognition and into the body. Mallory creates the space to dwell both in emotion and the body without judgement, in order to seek peace through understanding and compassion.