L A U R A    C A M I L L E R I

Teacher & Manager of Teacher Training


A B O U T   L A U R A

Born in Switzerland, raised in Connecticut, and grateful to call NYC home, Laura was introduced to the healing effects of mind-body practice while on an intensive yoga retreat in Brazil during a transitional time in her life. Upon returning, she was inspired to teach and completed a diversity of yoga teacher training.

Laura loved teaching yoga, but felt like something deeper was missing. She found her way into Natalie’s 7:15am Class on a Tuesday morning, and like many who come to The Class by Taryn Toomey, she was instantly hooked. As she found her way through each freeing movement and sequence everything finally clicked and she felt like she had found what was missing. She knew she had to be part of this community and went through teacher training in the Fall of 2016.

Laura’s grounded spirit coupled with a Master’s in Social Work and years of experience in supporting and counseling women in managing stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, and body image allows her to create a safe and supportive space for students to feel what they need to feel, to move in the ways they need to move, and to find freedom in expressing themselves with their bodies, with their voices, and completely without judgement or apology. Her classes create unique openings for each student to trust the strength and wisdom of their own hearts and intuition.

Engaging, thoughtful, and nurturing, Laura shapes a galvanizing atmosphere where each student can deeply connect within to do the vulnerable work they are guided to do. Laura regularly teaches in NYC and supports the Teacher Training Program as Manager of Teacher Training.