Hannah originally turned to movement as a means to cope with family conflict, body image issues, and the daily stressors of work and life.  The physicality of yoga drew her in first, but not before long she was fascinated with the more subtle effects of the practice and the connection between mind, body and breath.   Hannah completed her 200 hour YTT in 2014 at Yogaworks in NYC and has since completed many more hours of advanced trainings. Six years into teaching yoga she still embraces her journey in learning the practice, the wisdom of the body, the depths of human resilience, and the capacity to heal and to love. 

Hannah didn't realize her body and spirit were yearning for another kind of movement until she first tried The Class. Immediately she felt how special it was and was drawn to the teachings. The practice was intense, raw and cathartic and it allowed her to move her body in a completely new way and reignited a fire that had become dormant.  The Class made her feel powerful, strong and capable. Through her own work in The Class she has deepened her connection with herself, her capacity for self-awareness and her ability to move, or be still with intention.

Committed to forever being both a student and a teacher, Hannah’s Classes are grounding, joyful and truly inclusive of each and every student. Her warmth and openness will allow you to explore your innate ability to grow, to evolve, to manifest and change — on and off the mat. She will guide you to meet your edge, and invite you to soften into that place. Hannah will hold space for you to realize deeply the power of the present moment and the truth that you already have everything you need.  

Hannah grew up in suburban Connecticut, the daughter of two doctors and the middle child between two brothers. She attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor as she was drawn to the distance from home, the school spirit, and the opportunity to be on her own, After college, she spent a number of years in the corporate retail world, working as a buyer and product manager, developing both the creative and analytical sides of her brain.