Emily, London born and Vermont raised, has been a part of the wellness and fitness scene for over seven years here in Manhattan.  Being that she came from a household rooted with a strong passion for the arts, it's no wonder she has always been inspired to follow her heart and do what she loves.  The first part of her adult professional life was spent dancing and performing in various theaters throughout the United States. After receiving a BFA in Musical Theater, she found herself living in places such as Atlanta, New York City, Los Angeles, and even abroad performing in countries such as South Korea and Italy.  After traveling and experiencing various wonders of the world she returned to the states with a new sense of self, perspective and an understanding of the importance of community and connection. Knowing that there was more she wanted to do outside of the performing world she took her love of movement and fully stepped into a career in health and wellness.  She received multiple certifications that qualified her to do everything from teach Zumba, to personal train, to pre/post natal programming, dance cardio, corrective exercise, HIIT, TRX, etc. She knew she wanted to help people through various movement modalities but something was missing underneath. It wasn't until a few years after she went through a significant loss in her family that she was first introduced to The Class.  It was through TCTT that she came to realize the true power and healing that comes through the combination of movement, music, community and human connection. Practicing and now teaching this cathartic method has helped her immensely in her own healing journey and discovery of self. She now knows that she wants to make her life's work rooted in helping others heal and unleash their true inner potential.  

Emily's classes are supportive, powerful and energetic.  She focuses on meeting the room where they are while simultaneously encouraging them to push past what is comfortable as change and transformation lie just beyond that threshold.  She empowers her students to go beyond their comfort zone so that they are able to uncover their inner most strength, physically and mentally.