A B O U T   A N G E L A

Angela grew up in Vancouver, BC running through the mountains, snowboarding and eventually finding a deep passion for surfing.  As a driven athlete, her whole “adult life” left her feeling unfulfilled, competitive and eventually exhausted. Through a conscious effort to heal, Angela started what is now a life-long journey in yoga and meditation.  She travelled the world practicing, taking workshops and teacher trainings.  

During that time of deep study, Angela took a job that would end up having her live 10 years in the US.  When living in NYC in 2013 she discovers The Class by Taryn Toomey and embarked on a passionate 3 year journey of physical, mental and spiritual awakening.  After deciding to move back to Vancouver, she knew that she had to continue The Class journey and began the process of learning to teach the method inn order to bring what she loved so much with her to her community at home.  

Once back in Vancouver, Angela joined forces with two old co-workers to open a space that is part vegan bistro, part boutique fitness studio and part retail shop, called TurF.  TurF is the epitome of the perfect day - an amazing workout, the best coffee and healthy food and some inspiration from the shop. Since opening TurF, Angela has developed a program in the studio called met.a that has 4 signature classes.  She currently teaches, develops and executes all the training for the met.a classes.  

Angela is now a Senior The Class teacher and the Vancouver Brand Liaison, responsible for the support and development of the Vancouver teachers and any Vancouver events.  

Angela’s classes are athletic, dynamic and designed to both challenge and support her students.  Her classes will leave you feeling strong and nourished. Angela’s commitment to developing herself translates to the work with her students.  She leads from the beautiful place of constant learning, understanding and compassion.